Books about Prison Education

College for Convicts

College for Convicts: The Case for Higher Education in American Prisons, is an award winning informative book presenting a workable solution to America’s mass incarceration and recidivism problems. Educating prisoners brings a reduction in crime and social disruption, reduced domestic spending and a rise in quality of life.

College for Convicts was the 2015 winner of the Montaigne Medal for most thought-provoking book.

Directory of Federal Prisons

The Directory of Federal Prisons:'s Federal Bureau of Prisons Facility Directory by Christopher Zoukis and Dr. Randall Radic (Middle Street Publishing, 2014) provides the contact information and character profile of every federal prison and private contract prison.

Education Behind Bars: A Win-Win Strategy for Maximum Security

Education Behind Bars is both a reference guide and a social policy title. Half of the impressive 382 page text is dedicated to the need for prison education, its history, travails, current situation, and the refutation of arguments against it. The other half of the text is directed toward the incarcerated student.

Prisoners' Guerrilla Handbook to Corresponsence Programs in the United States and Canada

The updated third edition of the Prisoners' Guerrilla Handbook provides more than 160 program listings for incarcerated students to review when deciding which correspondence program to enroll in.  Each listing contains information on the cost, course offerings, contact information, and quality of courses offered.